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Entry #2

Im Back!

2012-08-12 04:15:32 by sacaro

So after two years in the army, one of them spent deployed to Afghanistan, I have returned to NG with a little more... Skill? I ended my music making career on this profile and moved over to a colab profile with my friend Loucust, which we called it DNAmusic. Seeing as how the army does an AMAZING job of changing your life in an instand, we lost contact and we had to give up on DNA. After a trip to Afghaniland and 5 Months to think stuff over, my twiddle-thumbedness over the years had increased my 'skill' with FlStudio enough for me to actually buy the program instead of make everything on the demo, thus making way for SAVING and RELOADING files! Now that I have the Advantage of time and 'Skill', I will be making more posts for you guys! Go NG!


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2013-11-10 12:44:19

Thank you for your service bro! I just found you through Romanticide and I think you are amazing! I've already favorited everything I have heard from you. (I can make up words, "favorited")

I know what you mean about how the military can change your life in an instant, I was army too and had to sacrifice a lot. Please dont ever stop making this awesome music. It calms me!